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  The Siskiyou History web site is a project of the Siskiyou County Sesquicentennial Committee. Begun in 2002, this web site seeks to provide a digital library of primary source photos, images and stories in Siskiyou County history, such as manuscripts, photographs, and works of art. Primary sources include letters, diaries, manuscripts, legal and financial records, photographs and other pictorial items, maps, architectural and engineering records, artwork, scientific logbooks, sound recordings, oral histories, and artifacts.

The goal of is to:
  • Present historical resources in digital format.
  • Make these resources accessible to researchers, students and anyone interested in the history of Siskiyou County.
  • Provide a simple and popular web interface so individuals can submit, and therefore preserve, historical materials from personal and family collections.

  • Yes, you can contribute!
    We welcome the submission of any infomation or materials! You can comment on any picture or story, or send us scanned photos or any scanned images, stories and remembrances. Please click the link below for complete information.
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    The construction of the Siskiyou History web site has been made possible by funding from the Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors to commemmorate the Siskiyou County Sesquicentennial. Thanks to Supervisors Joan Smith, LaVada Erickson, Bill Hoy, Bill Overman and Ann March...the Sesquicentennial Committee in 2002. Thanks also to the museums and contributors of these stories and images.

    Images and Stories are © their owner, as noted on each web page. All Rights Reserved. Please contact the owner as noted, or for more information, the Siskiyou County Sesquicentennial Committee,

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